About us

What Does CPLA Do?

Strengthening California Libraries through Advocacy and Education

  • Provides workshops geared to the needs of Trustees, Friends across the state
  • Sponsor an annual Leadership Conference-an all-day training retreat
  • Advocate for libraries at the state, federal level
  • Maintain strong liaison with library-related organizations on the state and national levels
  • Publish the CPLA Library Trustee Handbook
  • Publish Working Together guide to library directors, trustees, & friends’ responsibilities (new)
  • Publish Self-Assessment Tool for Library Boards (new)
CPLA Board of Directors 2021

Becoming a board member for CPLA increases your opportunity to participate in advocacy, learning, and networking. We are actively recruiting for Board members and are looking for people with a passion for making California libraries better through advocacy and fundraising.


Board Members-at-Large

  • Melinda Cervantes
  • Regina Moore